to a sustainable future

Transparency Requirements

Following the current transition towards a sustainable future, and by taking into consideration the environmental, social and governance ("ESG") aspects, PANDOO Management acknowledges its commitment to these trends. This by complying with the relevant regulatory provisions, especially considering the sustainability risks in the investment decision-making process.

In order to respect the transparency requirements laid down in the SFDR, PANDOO Management is disclosing on its website:


PANDOO Management as a financial market participant discloses, that its already existing Remuneration Policy, created in accordance with Art. 12 of the AIFM Act, has been updated and amended in order to comply with provisions of Art. 5 of the SFDR.

The Remuneration Policy of PANDOO Management follows objectives such as:

  • good corporate governance,
  • sustained and long-term value creation for the investors,
  • ensuring sound and effective risk management.


Each of these objectives provides for appropriate consideration of the ESG legislation.
But especially if considered together, this provides for the avoidance of negative adverse impacts on sustainability/ESG factors.

Please note

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